Client Testimonials

Partnering To ‘Pursue Excellence’
A joint venture with three partners of diverse cultural heritage in itself presents huge challenges.
In this scenario the daunting task of building a Leadership Team with a culture of Trust & Transparency was further compounded by an extremely volatile market and uncertain economic conditions.
Despite this, Mohini ( WINning Edge) and Hashim (Wanderstruck) were very quick to understand and unravel the complex underlying issues and form an immediate connect with my team.
Wanderstruck’s choice of appropriate activities afforded WINning Edge the opportunity to unobtrusively interact with and provide assessment of the interpersonal, communication and Leadership skills of the potential leaders.
This constructive feedback was extremely useful in the identification of training inputs, competency and skill development of the Leadership teams, and the strengthening of ”We-can-do-it” culture.
Most importantly, we had such fun…….we’d be glad to team up with Mohini and Hashim again.
Roy Fonseca
  • Managing Director
    - Styrolution India Pvt. Ltd
Working with Mohini is not limited to a task, project or intervention but a Journey of 14 years filled with learning and growth. We have partnered on multiple solutions in the area of training, designing, branding and some of the most advanced experiential learning platforms.
All the organizations where Mohini partnered with us, whether it was the quintessential Onida, global Merck or progressive Lanxesss, results were outstanding. I always considered her as my all-time ‘go to’ consultant for Organization challenges, People Strategy and Initiative building.
I am taken back to our first workshop in Onida where Mohini could bring perfect balance of Classroom & Pragmatic Learning which helped our Finance team in gaining required skills. We accomplished the right behavior development sharpening the ‘winning edge’ needed.
At Merck, we had a different challenge - building “Sales Flair” for newly formed Go to Market sales team post acquisition with Millipore and it needed lot of homework and alignment on Consultative Selling in Life Science Industry. This exercise helped us to segment our top performers for Key Account Management and this intervention was also mentored, delivered and accomplished by Winning Edge. By then I was convinced that the DNA of Winning Edge is reliable and a perfect blend of Behavioral and Functional developments.
Lanxess was a true ground where Mohini has mentored and coached us at an organization level on various initiatives over the years of partnership which still continues.
  • Individual Process :
    • Train the trainer for the IT function
    • Impactful presentation skills
    • Internal customer servicing at plants and the manufacturing sites
  • Team processes
    • Managing team performance ,Building feedback and performance dialogue culture at Lanxess
    • Team offsites and outbound workshops for multiple business units
  • Organizational processes
    • Establishing the signature Lanxess culture across many Business units and locations over 3 years
    • Train the Trainer for global interventions workshop
    • Certification workshops for Competency Based Interview across locations and working on the talent acquisition process and formats along with a guide and kit for CBI questions for interviewing
An enriching experience working with such a diversified and inclusive expert. I am big fan of her working approach of Investigating- Connecting- Customizing and Experimenting.
If I want to elaborate on Unique Differentiating Characteristic (UDC) for Mohini it will be that she will make you come back again and again to her for her consulting on people strategy and challenges. My colleagues from different organizations like Great Offshore, Sanofi, Hindalco to whom I referred her work for respective interventions will vouch for this.
And surely waiting to tie up with Winning Edge on my future assignments soon…………
Dhananjay Gotmare
  • Senior Manager Talent Management
    - Lanxess
  • Business partner HR and COE learning and development
    - Merck
  • Director Strategic Accounts Digital Recruiter
    - North Sydney
During my term as Head of HR of UTV when ever I needed a trainer for an indoor experiential workshop , my go to trainer was always, Mohini. All one needs to do is partner her in understanding your genuine need and the unique aspects of your department. Mohini will handle the rest.
Mohini's ability to grasp the subtle nuances of a situation and provide a training module that's pretty on the ball, relevant and far from theoretical is why I would recommend her, irrespective of the silo your company functions in.
Whenever I felt a specific team or department needed an intervention I was very comfortable working with her. She has the flawless ability to get along with anyone irrespective of levels and designations
She does great work on alignment to culture, team synergy, work processes structuring for better customer servicing.
Sushma Desouza
  • Head HR (March 07)
    - UTV
  • Author
    – ‘Broken : Ivy Logan (pen name)’
We met on our trip to the Swiss Alps several times and finally exchanged our business cards on the top of Europe...Mohini needs no introduction. The name of her consultancy says it all! Indeed she proved to be a winning edge both for the organisations and the resources I was associated with. ...And the association still continues.
My first program with her was at Onida 12 years ago ..Was really impressed with the content and her delivery techniques for a program for our finance team.. Her course content was comprehensive and pitched at the right level with the emphasis on practical skills usage. Delivery style was friendly and ensured that everyone was put at their ease and motivated to participate fully.
Mohini became a constant feature for me in all the organisations I was associated with thereon.. I have often relied on her for the training and HR initiatives blind folded. She helped me roll out the business objectives as if she was an inhouse faculty.
Her understanding of the brief and know -how about the companies dynamics and pulse right from day one, is what makes the content and quality of her programs she conceives and delivers so extraordinary and outstanding.
At Saint Gobain we associated with her to deliver Train the trainer and Competency based Interviewing skills for the entire management team and the Business managers. The main aims of the training was to build up confidence as job specific trainers and to expand Hiring skills to meet wider organisational needs.
As a result of the program we could develop a solid base for rolling out the competency based Interview process across locations by empowering the Regional heads and line managers to Hire competent resources across all levels.
It gave a sense of involvement and created trust among the Business heads on their hiring skills and led to influx of quality resources and helped to decentralise and accelerate the hiring process
Her follow up post the programs not only with HR but also with the business heads at a personal level to check the progress is outstanding.
I have championed her for over 12 years because I trust her and the work that she does. Professionally and personally, she has assisted all of the people to whom I have referred her.
I believe her work is a gift all associated have received in terms of her competence, ability, experience, professionalism, and doing the right thing.
Highly qualified expert in her field - creative and committed to delivering tangible results for the client..extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Human Resource management.
Extremly honoured to partner with her all times. I Would highly Recommend Mohini.
Barnali Sen
  • Head HR
    - Saint Gobain Weber
  • Manager HR
    - Onida
The one thing that defines working with Winning Edge and Mohini Mathur, is true delivery on the value of INTEGRITY . Mohini will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the challenges posed by business organizations are completely understood and truly customized solutions are designed. She will ensure she goes the extra mile by meeting relevant stakeholders, doing an in-depth needs assessment and mapping solutions exactly to meet the business complexities. There is genuine value on what Mohini, as an external consultant brings to the table.
Beyond this, her personal facilitation skills and connect with participants is one of the best I have witnessed in the training delivery space. She is able to bring out the best in participants through her accepting and non – judgmental approach.
The one thing that Mohini strives to drive and is successful in implementing is a real-life connect and application post any intervention. Above all, she is a wonderful human being and a great collaborative partner. She puts in far greater than
100 % to anything she takes up and you can see her commitment shining through.
Nisha Srinivasan
  • HR Head, Industrial Affairs
    - Asia Region
"I had the pleasure to work with Mohini for a variety of Learning and Organisational Development projects during my stint at the Lodha Group. She brings a unique approach to every intervention. She is involved right from design to delivery and even walks the last mile with the client by thorough deployment and documentation of the intervention. We worked with her on various assignments but two assignments really stand out
SPACE (Supporting Promoted Associates Contribute and Excel) : She understood our leadership competencies and created engaging and effective workshops in the same.
LITE (Lodha Internal Trainers Enclave) : She acted like a learning consultant and along with delivering the "train the trainer" sessions she made a system to document the modules developed by our internal trainers.
Her passion for bringing tangible change in the organization is reflected in her rigor and attention to detail. Will recommend her to all those who want to see tangible outcomes in their organizations."
Himanshu Ahluwalia
  • Deputy General Manager- Organizational Transformation
    - Lodha Group
  • Partner
    - Terracotta capabilities LLD
Mohini and I have had the opportunity to partner with each other on numerous OD interventions and it has always been an enriching experience for me. As an OD professional, I have worked with numerous consultants and the one thing that truly sets Mohini apart is her incredible ability to link ‘concepts and models’ to the business and provide practical insights on how the learning can be applied on the job. Be it Coaching, Mentoring, Managerial Effectiveness, Team Offsites or customized Change Management initiatives, this approach has been a hallmark of Mohini’s work.
An additional highlight of working with Mohini is the customer experience. While is no stone left unturned to make the experience truly memorable for the participants, there is clockwork like precision with operations and logistics, thereby making her a wonderful consultant to partner with for any organization. Mohini’s commitment to her craft and her passion for making a difference in organizations is truly commendable. I remember an instance where she facilitated a program in spite of being diagnosed with dengue, just because the participants had traveled from all over the country. It’s been my pleasure to have known and worked with Mohini over the last 6 years and I wish her the best for all future endeavours.
Prashant Pillai
  • Leadership Development COE Lead
    - Sanofi India Limited
I met Mohini first when we were working on making ‘feedback’ as an important wheel for driving performance at Farm Equipment Sector (Mahindra & Mahindra). Mohini understood the requirement and put together a module which drove the point home by using apt constructs and models, business knowledge, industry scenario, templates and fun!
This powerful initiative got branded as ‘Shikhar – feedback to feed forward’ and did just what it promised – made the managers aware of the importance of feedback and gave them tools to do it systematically.
The program got a very good feedback. That’s when the Swaraj Tractors division also approached us to run the program for them.
It was great working with Mohini – she connects well with the audience and brings in her knowledge to deliver on the expectations set. We had very few iterations on what we were looking for. She had the right models, the theories and the templates and implementation ideas – connecting well with the manufacturing audience.
Anupama Jha
  • Manager HR
    - Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Senior Manager HR
    - Aditya Birla Payments Bank
Mohini was my coach and trainer when I embarked upon the 6 month journey of ‘Creating impacts through powerful communication’ I required my communication and professional presence to be sharpened in my role as leader of a large team at Mahindra logistics.
It’s never too late to learn! I’ve learned new skills to help me to be heard when speaking with people, and I sharpened my communication and presentation skills overall. Am truly very thankful for the lessons, suggestions and materials provided.
Mohini’s overall partnering skills are excellent, identifying appropriate touch-points throughout the engagement to ensure alignment and focus on skill improvement.
In working with Mohini, I identified the right pace at which conversation should take place, the right choice of words to use at the work place, and what syllables I should stress in certain words. This could account for why I was constantly being misunderstood before this learning journey.
Her rigorous design had been sometimes tough on me but I am amazed how often I remember all the tools shared and other things right before a meeting or a presentation. such as: ‘focus on body language’, ‘voice projection’, ‘collect your focus points before you walk into a meeting room’, ‘use the correct intonation’, ‘loosen and relax your jaw and mouth’, ‘plan an impactful open and close’, etc.
The 6 month course was very beneficial to my continued growth and success in the organization and I would highly recommend it to corporate executives with similar opportunities as mine.
Shadab Mirza
  • Sr. Manager Operation -Mini Cluster Head
    - Mahindra Logistics Ltd
"Associating with Mohini - Winning Edge for Training was very fruitful for our teams at Gujarat Ambuja . We observed tangible change in participants, who had attended the Kaizen workshop. This was a workshop focusing on continuous improvement for our teams, and post the 2 day intervention of phase 1, participants shared process improvement and cost saving initiatives during phase 2 before the management. Few participants commented it was the best workshop with lot of practical and easy to implement learning."
Leslie D'Souza
  • Manager - Marketing & Commercial services
    - Ambuja Cement
I have been associated with Mohini Mathur for the last 5 years and totally endorse her expertise and knowledge as an HR professional. A subject matter expert in her field of expertise, she is highly committed to delivering tangible results for the client.
She has a brilliant knack of making complex subjects easy through her simple teaching methods and concepts. She is diligent, proactive, reads between the lines, sifts through, and makes things clear and concise. She is easy to work with and has a very strong client satisfaction orientation.
In order to set the ‘Performance Management System’ for our organisation, Tridhaatu, Mohini meticulously conducted 3-day workshop amongst the functional teams. She successfully communicated and drove the complex subject of Performance Appraisal across all levels in the organization due to her simplistic and positive approach and work precision. All in all, it was a great learning experience for all those who participated in the workshop.
Its always been a pleasure partnering with Mohini and Winning Edge. The learning has been immense. Hope our journey continues for many more years and wishing her success always!
Ashwini Kher Kamerkar
  • GM-Business Process and Client Relations
    - Tridhaatu Realty & Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Mohini has been a trusted partner of Sanofi in the L&D space for quite a few years. I had the opportunity to partner closely with Winning Edge, on two specific capability building and people development initiatives.
1. 3D STEP – An initiative to build people management skills in first line sales managers. The biggest strength that Mohini brings to the table is her ability to dig deep and get to the root of the issue, rather than provide symptomatic relief. Their team partnered to understand the genesis of the feedback (which was a global survey) and also spoke to various stakeholders and customers. Thereafter, there were different viewpoints when it came to content creation, but this only enriched the discussion further. Mohini has always been loved by all her audiences in Sanofi and this time was no different. Her ability to maneuver the content basis the age, experience and mood in the room is enviable. Due to business needs, we needed to run workshops back to back for 2 weeks, without a single day off – including Sundays. I have not seen anyone who can bring the same tempo, energy and positivity to a room day after day for 14 consecutive days.
2. I also partnered on two HR offsite meetings with Mohini and the WinningEdge Team. Considering HR has been there and done it all (almost :) ), it was difficult to come up with something that had high tempo yet enough learning. Their ability to think out of the box and bring alive something which floored the HR team was very well appreciated. Moreover, they managed the complete execution of all logistics big and small – and they outdid themselves. I know that this is one of the few organizations who can be trusted blindly to bring something different, versatile and next level, each time!!
Khushmand Patel
  • PMO & HRBP Global Support Functions
    - Sanofi India
Mohini is a very dynamic and talented person to work with. She always tries to understand the need of the participants & establish the WIIFM before setting in the Training Session. Her down to earth and friendly attitude, and an uncanny knack of putting you at ease while communicating with her makes it very easy for the participants to connect with her.
Her ability of instilling confidence and enthusiasm, be it an individual or a group will go a long way in ensuring her success in her field. Good going Mohini, you inspire me!
Abhisek Gupta
  • Group Head – Human Resources
    - Tridhaatu Realty & Infra Pvt. Ltd.
This is back then in 2005 where Mohini was out of a learning program after stunningly engaging the audience, and sits next to me for a quick chat, which breaks me out of my comfort zone and becomes that take off point that each of us have. That day and today, decisions includes her point of view...
She’s absolutely approachable, warm hearted, selfless, good at channelizing minds, very few that I have met who care & take efforts to share what they think about me.
All this has been a tremendous boost to grow through this professional journey.
If you ever get to interact with her, believe me you will go home happy...
Cheers to Mohini... a big Thank You for being my coach, director, motivator...
You are too awesome an influencer and may lots benefit from your presence, though I will be indebted forever...
Akshay Kende
  • Practice group leader
    - Vitasta Consulting
I have known Mohini for over 5 years and have worked with her on multiple projects spanning the front line to leadership interventions.
She is a facilitator, coach, trainer who has always exceeded my expectations for a few reasons - she is very versatile and can work across a diverse audience, she is flexible and has an amazing knack of balancing the need of the organisation and her participants always creating win-win solutions and last but never the least, she gives at least a 110% of herself to an assignment irrespective of the size or the compensation it may bring. It is for these reasons that she will be my no 1 choice whenever I seek a partner.
Swati Srivastava
  • Deputy VP Organizational Transformation
    - Lodha Group
  • Associate Director HR
    - Sanofi Pasteur
Writing a LinkedIn recommendation for Mohini... Does it cover all I have had the opportunity to work in partnership with Mohini for over 10 years now on various OD interventions, Process Development and L & D assignments. Mohini has been a great facilitator & coach for assignments like Competency Based Interviews, Performance Management System.
She has been able to develop a robust and end to end PMS system using the Balance Scorecard. She has the ability to precisely understand crux of the business and help with desired solutions. Mohini has been an expert catalyst
throughout for Process Development / Improvement assignments and related awareness workshops. Her Consulting framework has helped us on optimising our current processes along with cost savings.
She has immense ability to manage people of diverse group and cadre from Senior Leadership to juniors. She works with high integrity, ethics and commitment. It’s been a pleasure to be associated with her and looking forward to a long term relationship.
Jyoti Bane
  • Manager HR
    - Ahuja Constructions
  • Sr. Executive HR
    - McDonald’s India
I have had the opportunity of collaborating with Mohini on few Competency & Capability Building assignments. In today’s era, you get to work with lot a of people; however, there are certain people you love to work with.
Mohini is definitely one of them. She is extremely adept at designing & delivering solutions to suit the clients needs. What distinguishes her is her ability to understand & connect to the business context while designing the solutions. Her involvement & ownership in the projects is clearly visible through the way she drives things. Glad to be associated with her. I wish her every success in life!
Rohan Medhi
  • Director
    - Vitasta learning Pvt ltd.
I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Mohini on Leadership Development projects.
She is a person with high integrity, strong ownership and drive for results. Mohini has the ability to see the big picture as well as the smallest details and is always focused on adding value through the solutions she creates for her clients.
Mohini's expertise ranges from Process & Systems Development and Consulting to Competency and Capability Building as well as Coaching. It is a privilege to work with Mohini and I would like to wish her all the best in all her endeavors.
Sarita Gadgil
  • Coach and HR/ OD consultant